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County Durham Poverty Truth Commission

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Supporting Community Initiatives

‘Nothing about us, without us, is for us’.

County Durham Poverty Truth Commission, hosted by Durham Community Action, aims to respond to the question ‘what if people who struggle against poverty are involved in making decisions about tackling poverty?’

During 2024/25 we will work with people across Ferryhill, Shildon, Bishop Auckland and Newton Aycliffe to try to answer that question. We will bring together people with experience of poverty and senior civic and business leaders to collaborate on changes which will lead to better outcomes.  

The County Durham Poverty Truth Commission aims:

  • To change the narrative and reduce stigma around poverty by sharing stories from people who are living with poverty.
  • Create opportunities for decision makers to hear the reality of those struggling with poverty.
  • To bring those with experience of poverty together with decision makers to make better decisions and bring about change.

Get involved

During 2024 and 2025 we will be focussed on the area of Ferryhill, Bishop Auckland, Shildon and Newton Aycliffe. Get in touch if you want things to change and you

  • live in these areas, have experience of struggling with poverty and would be willing to share your story;
  • work with people living in poverty in these areas, are willing to listen to their stories, and can speak on behalf of your organisation.

Project Coordinator: Cathryn Gathercole

Project Worker: Julie Gourley

Poverty Truth Nationally

Across the UK more than 30 commissions involving 700+ people have already made meaningful changes in their local areas. We are excited to see what positive changes we can make together in County Durham.

To find out more about what a Poverty Truth Commission is and how it works visit The Poverty Truth Network