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Support for Organisations

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Enabling Good Volunteering

From grassroots committees to national and international charities, volunteers are crucial to the effective operation and delivery of services across the sector. The way that an organisation recruits, manages and invests in its volunteers can have a demonstrable impact on the individual, the organisation, and the community it serves. 

Durham Community Action can offer support to organisations already working with volunteers or setting up new volunteer programmes across all sectors - public, private, and voluntary sectors. 

Our support includes: 

  • Free support to help recruit your volunteers by advertising your opportunities at local events, through social media, and on our County Durham Volunteer Platform.
  • Interviewing potential volunteers and matching them to appropriate volunteering opportunities.
  • Advising potential volunteers of recruitment procedures and arrangements that organisations have in place to support volunteers.
  • Contacting volunteers already registered with us and referral organisations who offer support to individuals.
  • Providing and identifying local training courses for volunteer co-ordinators and volunteers.
  • Offering good practice advice including access to a range of resources around volunteer policies and procedures, volunteers and the law, and sample documents.