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Our Training Offer

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Providing Expertise and Advice

We offer a range of training opportunities to volunteer-led organisations and groups through our community development workshops and bespoke courses.

Community Development Workshops

These online workshops are based on topics we regularly receive enquiries about. The workshops cover a range of issues including safeguarding, completing funding applications and volunteer management. Details of our current training programme can be found here

Bespoke Training

Alongside our bespoke packages of community development support, we also offer bespoke training packages that are designed to meet the specific needs of an organisation on governance, compliance, funding, volunteering and personal development. This package also includes training needs analysis, design, delivery and evaluation.

Accredited Training

To complement our bespoke courses, we also offer units, awards and certificates in skills for employment, training and personal development up to Level 1. The Volunteer Passport for County Durham is an acknowledgment of basic skills for volunteers such as communications skills, assertiveness and team working. The Passport comprises flexible 18 hours Level 1 training.

 The Volunteer Passport provides opportunities for volunteers to recognise skills and validate experiences that they may not have previously recognised themselves. Once accredited with the Passport, volunteers can develop their own tailored passports with further training in areas of special interest, which will also be accredited, adding evidence of their skills and achievements.

Our bespoke training packages can be delivered face to face or online depending on the requirements of the organisation.

For more information on any aspects of our training, please contact Tara Hallimond on 01388 742040 or by email