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Growth & Development

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Providing Expertise and Advice

Durham Community Action provides information, advice and guidance for established charities and not-for-profit groups who are looking to grow and develop their organisations.

We can support you as you:

  • Develop your organisational strategy
  • Develop a community-led plan
  • Create a fundraising strategy
  • Shape your business plans
  • Recruit volunteers and/or trustees
  • Review your governance
  • Refresh your policies and procedures

We offer Funding Advice and Support and Training Opportunities through our community development workshops and bespoke courses.

We can also support your organisation to recruit volunteers - find out more here


The Hallmark Quality Mark is a quality standard for Village Halls and Community Centres and can be the first step that committees take when considering growing and developing their organisation.

There are 3 levels that community buildings can achieve which focus on different areas of the organisation.

  • Hallmark 1 looks at the management and administration of the charity
  • Hallmark 2 which looks at policies, procedures and licensing
  • Hallmark 3 which focuses on wider community engagement and forward planning

A certificate valid for three years is issued once each Hallmark level has been achieved and each building is given a report highlighting where they are following best practice and any recommendations for improvements.

The quality mark is fully funded so is free for trustee boards to complete and gives volunteers, funders and their communities the reassurance that their organisation is committed to good governance.

For more information please contact us on 01388 742040 or by email