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Rural Housing Enabling

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Providing Expertise and Advice

Durham Community Action is part of the Defra-funded national Rural Housing Enabling Programme which aims to boost the supply of new rural affordable housing. The programme will support landowners and communities to identify sites and housing needs whilst working with Housing Associations, Parish Councils, and Local Authorities to bring forward high-quality homes that meet local housing needs.

DCA wishes to work in villages and smaller rural communities to: 

  • Boost the supply of 100% rural affordable housing.
  • Bring forward rural exception sites.
  • Support small S106 market-led schemes.

How DCA can help

  • Build community support and encourage constructive community engagement.
  • Support, advise and steer communities, and town and parish councillors from their initial interest in providing affordable housing, through scheme inception and pre-development phases to completion.
  • Assist communities in identifying the nature and extent of affordable local housing needs in their community, including where appropriate through a Housing Needs Survey.
  • Act as an honest broker between the different parties, providing informed and impartial advice.
  • Assist communities and landowners in identifying deliverable sites for the development of affordable housing.
  • Support Neighbourhood and Community Plan groups to implement their proposals and policies for delivering rural affordable housing.

For more information please contact Susan Tron on 07496 461998 or by email

We can also provide support for any Community Led Housing projects or initiatives in County Durham.