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Would you like to see some affordable homes developed in your village?


This month we appointed Susan Tron as our new Rural Housing Enabler. Susan still continues her role as a Community Development Officer and Community Led Housing Enabler too as well as working with the County Durham Cree Network.

DCA has secured funds made available from the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) and channelled through the ACRE Network (Action with Communities in Rural England), to help us enable more affordable homes to be delivered in our smaller communities – where they are needed.

Susan will be working closely with rural communities and will be looking for innovative partnerships with Parish Councils, Registered Providers, the private sector and others to increase the pipeline of rural affordable housing schemes in County Durham and to support delivery.

This is a great opportunity. If your organisation is keen to look at possible projects or is already aware that the housing crisis is causing problems in your area, please get in touch via: