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Recycle 2 Work Scheme gets County Durham residents into work


Walking to work or a place of education is a commendable activity that improves both physical and mental health, and as a self-propelled form of travel has no real adverse effect on the environment. However, if you need to travel greater distances and public transport is not available, or possibly affordable, your only option may be to walk or not take up, or continue, the opportunity.

A great alternative

The Recycle 2 Work scheme operated by Wheels2Work County Durham provides an effective alternative. A pedal bicycle is offered to people for whom getting to an existing/new job or education is a stride too far on foot. Funded through the County Durham Community Foundation ‘Poverty Hurts’ campaign, this programme welcomes applications from people in work or starting a new job or course that find it a real struggle to get there on time or safely home. There is no denying that being in work or upskilling ensures employability, the longevity of employment and increased financial stability.

On receiving his bike this service-user said “Once again I am going to repeat myself but “Thank you so much’ to you and wheels 2 Work because without your support I would not be able to take this job! Which will put my life back on track, so it is truly appreciated.”

How do you apply?

To apply for the Recycle 2 Work scheme, County Durham residents visit the ‘Wheels2Work County Durham’ website and simply click on the Recycle 2Work button on the home page and complete the application form. All applications are verified to confirm that the applicant is a County Durham resident, is in, or has a confirmed offer of, employment or long-term education, is 16 years of age or over, is unable to access the funds to easily purchase the bicycle themselves and getting to and from their place of work or long-term education in their current situation is a struggle.      

Who supports the scheme and what do you get?

With the support of Halfords and their stores around the region, we provide successful applicants with a Halfords E-Giftcard which can be used online or in-store. The E-Giftcard provides sufficient funds to purchase a brand-new bicycle, helmet, lights, lock, pump and puncture repair kit. Once the purchase is made and the bicycle bundle is received, it belongs to the service user. This will give them the ability to secure increased financial stability whilst improving their mental and physical health.

Where is the Recycle element?

Halfords operates an ‘Xchange’ scheme where bicycles purchased from them can be donated back and are reconditioned at a lower purchase price across their stores. In years to come, when Recycle 2 Work service users no longer need their bicycle to get to and from work or education they can donate it back to enable someone else to benefit from affordable transport.

How many people will the scheme help?

The funding from the County Durham Community Foundation's ‘Poverty Hurts’ campaign and support from Halfords will afford 40 people to join the scheme, and applications are being received and assessed on a daily basis. This scheme replicates the benefits of walking to work or education but ensures that people are able to travel greater distances and faster.  

How to get in touch?

Visit or email: or telephone: 0191 303 8442 for more details.