I Want to Volunteer

If you’re thinking about volunteering then you are not alone. People choose to volunteer for lots of different reasons.

It could be that it provides the opportunity to give something back to the community or make a difference to the lives of people. Others find it provides new experiences leading to the development of skills or builds on and strengthens existing skills. Volunteers with different motivations all tend to find the roles they do rewarding in many ways.

Volunteering can be really rewarding whilst at the same time making a real difference not only to other people but also to you.  For details on how volunteering can benefit you please follow the link to read more of the benefits of volunteering.

Thousands of people already volunteer in County Durham and for a huge range of different opportunities in the voluntary and community sector and the public and private sectors. So whether you are looking to gain experience, volunteer in a certain area, get skills for work, volunteer occasionally, or help at one-off big events then please contact us for further support.

What can we offer for people who want to volunteer?

A One Stop Shop for Volunteering

Access to volunteering opportunities on the national volunteering website www.do-it.org. Volunteer roles can be accessed through selecting interests, skills and location. 

Each role will tell you about what the organisation needs you to be able to help them with, the skills needed, the times they need you and practical considerations.

Confidential interviews by telephone or one to one meetings are available at venues local to you and at flexible times.

Information, advice and guidance to identify a volunteering role by e-mail, telephone and one to one interviews.

Next steps

Click on the image below to download our brochure about volunteering opportunities for organisations.

Click here to download a Volunteer Registration Form or contact Durham Community Action on 01388 742040.  Alternatively e-mail volunteering@durhamcommunityaction.org.uk and we'll answer your queries as soon as possible.

The volunteer centre is open during the office hours of: 9.00 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday.


Click here to download our Volunteering Brochure. 


Click here to visit the  'Do It' national volunteering website. 


Click here to read more about the benefits of Volunteering.


If you are claiming benefits please click here to read the Job Centre Plus information booklet ‘Volunteering While Getting Benefits leaflet'.

Entitlement to benefits can change, therefore we recommend that you speak to an adviser at Job Centre Plus before making any commitments.

Case Study

Read about the experiences of one of the volunteers we work with:

Dora Dixon