Better Together VCS Forum

The Better Together VCS (Voluntary and Community Sector) Forum brings together senior representatives of larger or specialist VCS organisations with a countywide remit to share best practice and look for new opportunities to collaborate. 

The forum meets bi-monthly and is chaired by the VCS representative on the County Durham Partnership Board, Jo Laverick, Executive Director of Durham Community Action. Support for the forum is provided by Ian Hunter Smart in the County Durham Partnership Team - telephone 03000 263595 or email

Better Together Organisations

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Meeting Dates 2022

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Contact Information

Chair: Jo Laverick - VCS Representative on the County Durham Partnership Board and Executive Director of Durham Community Action


Secretariat/Support: Ian Hunter Smart - Voluntary & Community Sector Officer, County Durham Partnership Team, Durham County Council


Voluntary and Community Sector in County Durham Video

As one of the largest local authority areas in the country, County Durham has a lot to offer. Something we do really well, right across the County is our partnership working.

Our Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) is rooted in local people, places and in action. We have a stable, creative and resilient sector, working effectively together and sharing resources, insight and support. County Durham is a great place to volunteer because of it.

We’ve got together with Durham County Council to produce this short video, by way of an introduction to what our VCS in County Durham does and who we are. The work of the sector is hugely diverse.  Look at this as an invitation to find out more, and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Watch the video

You can also view the transcript for the video here

VCS Briefings

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Better Together VCS Forum Meetings

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Better Together VCS Policy Forums

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Better Together VCS Forum Terms of Reference

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