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For the past seventeen years, Durham Community Action has helped individuals to get involved, find new friends and develop healthier lifestyles. 

Initially we focused on cooking and eating healthy food on a low budget, however in recent years our work has extended to include initiatives that encourage and provide better opportunities for healthy living.

We have worked with young people, with parents and young children, older people, people who are bereaved or recovering from loss or illness, those recovering from, or living with, long term ill health, and with groups which bring the young and the old together.

Wherever possible, we work in communities using local facilities and resources, bringing people together to share their experiences and ideas. Our courses are often a catalyst for new social activity in villages and communities, providing opportunities for new volunteers to build confidence and get involved.

We work with individuals and groups wherever they are in County Durham.  Our offer includes information, training, advice, and help for groups to start local initiatives that involve people.  Our qualified Health Trainers work with local groups and individuals to develop health action plans, and then provide support to help them to achieve their goals.

Durham Community Action hosts the local food group for County Durham.  This is a long term initiative co-ordinating activity to promote local food production and supply in County Durham.  The work brings together a diverse range of organisations and individuals, from local growing groups and schools to food procurement specialists and schools meals services. The County Durham Food Charter was launched recently, with pledges from many organisations, agencies and community groups to support activity that promotes local growing and the local distribution of fresh food.


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