Young Volunteer of the Year Category 2014

This category was sponsored by Durham County Council in 2014.  In the clip below, Lorraine O'Donnell explains why the Council was keen to sponsor this award.

The Category winner was Bryce Denholm.  The runners up were Ben Baker and Abby Proctor. Read about their achievements below:

  Bryce Denholm WINNER

Bryce has also been nominated in the Altogether Healthier category as a volunteer with the group Lads Together for his considerable work with other young men who have additional needs. It has also been highlighted that many of the young men who come to the group would not attend if Bryce was not there to offer his support and care. Staff, other volunteers and the young people find Bryce always helpful, ready to get stuck in, caring, kind and full of positive attitude. It is particularly impressive that this mature, sensible and reliable young man is only thirteen years of age.

   Ben Baker  RUNNER UP

Ben volunteers with the Team Durham Community Outreach programme. He initially assisted with a sports camp for young children and a football club for those recovering from addiction and homelessness, and now helps out three days a week taking the lead with groups on probation and suffering with poor mental health. He has recently started to volunteer at the Men’s CREE at Waddington Street in Durham. Ben has supported the department with accomplished computer skills, designing flyers and taking a lead on website development. Volunteering has helped Ben with his own self-confidence, so he now uses this experience to the benefit of others.

  Abby Proctor  RUNNER UP

Abby volunteers with the If U Care Share Foundation. This organisation provides support around the prevention of suicide, and provides services for those affected by it. Having been affected by a relative’s suicide Abby wanted to help in some way. Her contribution shows how valuable volunteering can be to a small organisation as she helps out wherever needed, combining her time with university studies. Abby has shown dedication, courage and strength to put her own experiences of grief to use in helping others in need.