10th Feb 2022

Did you know that Durham Community Action can support Community Buildings to achieve the national ACRE Hallmark Quality Mark?

As we move into 2022 many volunteer trustees running Community Buildings are now considering how they future proof their organisations. The upheaval of the last two years has meant that some organisations are starting to look at their future funding plans, while others are looking to strengthen their trustee board or are wanting to undertake capital works on their buildings to make them more energy efficient. While trustees know that they want to put these plans in place, they often don’t know where to start.

The Hallmark Quality Mark can act as an MOT for community buildings and can be the first step that committees take when considering changes to their organisation.

There are 3 levels that community buildings can achieve which focus on different areas of the organisation.

Hallmark 1 looks at the management and administration of the charity. The process allows trustees to demonstrate how they run their meetings effectively, including their AGM’s. The processes helps Trustees to ensure that accounts are properly prepared and presented; it helps them review and question how clear hiring arrangements are for the spaces in the building. Hallmark 1 also helps committees think about their current trustee induction process and the general maintenance and insurance of the building.

Once Hallmark 1 has been achieved, committees can move onto Hallmark 2 which looks at policies, procedures and licensing and then Hallmark 3 which focuses on wider community engagement and forward planning.

A certificate valid for three years is issued once each Hallmark level has been achieved.  Each building is given a report highlighting where they are following best practice and identifies any recommendations for improvements.

The quality mark is currently fully funded by DCA and so free for trustee boards to complete. It gives volunteers, funders and their communities the reassurance that their organisation is committed to good governance.

If you are interested in attaining the Hallmark Quality Mark, we are holding an information session on Monday 28th February. For more details or to book your place you can find more information here

Alternatively if you have any queries please contact Isla Ballard on 07496 461986 or by email

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