21st Sep 2021

Information being shared on behalf of Access Consultancy Support

Many people today are concerned about the potential implications of changing over to electric vehicles as a means of private transport.  This is especially the case for many disabled persons who are dependent on a private vehicle as their main form of transport.

A Public Consultation Event is to take place at Sniperley Park and Ride on Wednesday 6th October involving a simple mock-up of an electric vehicle charging device for a user trial.  There will also be an opportunity to experience the use of an operational EV chargepoint.

The aim of the event is to test out the accessibility of the mock-up unit with as many participants as possible, and in particular to involve persons with impaired mobility including ambulant person and wheelchair users.  There are also plans to offer attendees the opportunity to experience the activity of connecting an electric vehicle to an operational chargepoint. 

From both activities, accessing the mock-up and operating the active chargepoint, it is hoped to gather feedback from the participants on their experience that will help to inform current development work for accessible chargepoint facilities.

This event is part of work on the ‘Electric Vehicle Charge-Point Guidance Development Project’ for accessible public EV Charging facilities, on behalf of Durham County Council and SOSCI (Scaling On-Street Charging Infrastructure) Project and its partner organisations. 

The event is planned to run between 11:00am and 3:00pm on Wednesday 06 October, with attendees allocated a time slot to attend based on their own identified availability.  Attendees are asked to provide their details and preferences for a time slot as listed below. 

To enable the best experience on the day, we need to know how many people may attend and provide them with individual / group timeslots.  We aim to do their best to accommodate people’s preferences as best we can.

Please complete the responses below and send to the following contact either by email or telephone, whichever is more convenient:

Steve Hudson

Email: accessconsultant@btinternet.com

Phone: 0191 416 6560

Text: 07973 432171


Name of Organisation: (f applicable)

Are you attending as a group?  Please indicate:  Yes or No

How many people in the group?

Your contact preference*:  Email / Phone / Mobile

Please select your first, second, and third time slot preferences below: -

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