15th Jun 2021

On 14th June, the Government announced its decision to delay the implementation of step 4 of the recovery plan for a further 4 weeks to 19th July, although this will be reviewed again in two weeks’ time.

Whilst it is disappointing that the country remains in step 3 of the recovery plan, the good news is that community buildings can continue providing activities and services to their users providing COVID secure measures and the rule of 6 are in place.

There are however some changes to the current restrictions that will take effect from 21st June, which includes allowing more than 30 people to attend a wedding reception or a funeral wake.  This number is dependent on the capacity of the venue when social distancing, the rule of 6 and other COVID measures are in place.

With many community buildings offering these types of events, it’s important for those responsible for the management of the building to read the latest government guidance and understand what measures must be in place to ensure the safety of those attending.  Further information can be found here.

County Durham is not currently listed as a high-risk area for the Delta variant of the virus, but as this strain can spread more easily that other forms of COVID-19, it is vital to ensure community buildings continue to be COVID secure with robust risk assessments in place which are regularly reviewed and updated to help keep people safe and prevent further spread of the virus.

As further guidance is released by the government, we will update our website pages.

In the meantime, our staff team are available to help you understand what the changes may mean for your community building and to provide you with information, advice and support with any queries or concerns you may have.

If you have already been in contact with one of our Community Support Team, contact them directly or email 

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