17th Mar 2021

On average 1 in 7 employees also has a caring role.

Many of us know someone who is in employment who also provides unpaid care, for a friend or family member who, due to illness or disability, could not cope without their support.

Durham County Carers Support (DCCS) is a charitable organisation that has supported ‘unpaid carers’ for over 25 years. This year has been extremely busy with carers needing support due to the pandemic, particularly those carers who are struggling to manage employment alongside their caring role. Consequently, DCCS has received funding from Durham County Council, until December 2021, to increase awareness within the business community of the needs of ‘working carers’.

Jenni Wood (CEO) said:

“This is a great opportunity for businesses to look at simple and cost-effective ways to support valuable staff who also have caring responsibilities; it’s a win-win situation”.

Do you know how many carers are in your workforce? Can you afford to lose them?

The project offers free awareness raising for staff and managers and the opportunity for senior managers to explore simple and cost effective means of supporting carers within the constraints of the business. Those businesses who participate in the project receive a Carer Friendly Employer Award and 12 months free access to the 'Employers for Carers' toolkits.

The project is free, flexible and virtual.

For further information about the project and how we can tailor it to your business requirements, please contact Fiona at, call 07824 467 440 or click here

You can also download an information leaflet here

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