17th Jun 2020

The new County Durham Volunteer Platform website is nearing the end of its testing phase and we will be looking to launch the live site in July 2020.

The platform will be an excellent resource for individuals seeking volunteering opportunities and for organisations looking to recruit volunteers.

For organisations, you will be able to sign up through the website once it is live and it will allow you the choice to either manage your own account and opportunities or Durham Community Action can do this on your behalf.

In preparation for the launch and to ensure that current volunteer opportunities are accessible to potential volunteers we intend to pre-populate your account for you.

If you haven’t already done so and you wish to be on the system for the launch of the website, please send us your volunteer opportunities by 25th June.

You can download an opportunity registration form here that follows the format of the information shown on website. If you would like to self-serve on the system just let us know and we can give you login details and show you around the admin part of the site prior to the website going live.

If you are not currently recruiting volunteers due to the Covid 19 pandemic, we can still create your organisation so that you have an organisation profile on the live site. We can even add your opportunities on and list them as inactive. This means they will not show on the live site but are there ready to be activated when you are ready to recruit.

We look forward to hearing from you and just to remind you that the Volunteer Centre team are still hear if anyone would like to have a catch up or require any support.

To submit forms please email or contact Charlotte on 07960 210665

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