9th Apr 2020

We are delighted to announce that the County Durham Community Foundation has awarded a small grant fund to DCA, which we will administer as a Micro Grants programme. The fund is to add further support to self-organised mutual aid groups and newly emerging volunteer groups which are responding to the impact of Covid-19 in their communities.

This programme will deliver several micro grants alongside targeted specialist information, advice and best practice guidance on safeguarding and volunteer management

Jo Laverick, Executive Director said

"Effective collaboration with our colleagues in the County Durham Community Foundation, aligns practical advice and support with funding which can make a difference. At this time, more than any other time we have known, community led action really counts. We’re delighted to be in a position where we can help small self-help groups get off the ground with a little bit of funding to make things happen” and went on to say “We hope that this support programme will enable informal emerging groups and small but established volunteer led groups to have access to CV19 emergency support funding . We will be administering and processing a range of micro grants (on behalf of CDCF), alongside specialist information, advice & guidance from DCA’s team of support staff."

Margaret Vaughan, Chief Operating Officer at CDCF added that

"Working with DCA to provide this support programme to those mutual aid groups who have come forward to organise their own activities in response to local community needs enables them to continue to reach out to those vulnerable and isolated through CV 19.  The support built around the grant delivered on behalf of CDCF will also encourage access to good practice in volunteer co-ordination and in delivering a safe, effective voluntary service."

The micro grants will enable best practice volunteering and support volunteer led community action aimed at alleviating the spread and impact of the virus.

For more information about this programme and to discuss eligibility please contact us by email

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