19th Dec 2019

Blind Life in Durham received their Volunteer Kite Mark award at their AGM in October 2019 after successfully meeting standards to overcome barriers to volunteering, and recognising the value of recruiting and retaining volunteers.

The Kite Mark shows an organisation manages a volunteering programme where volunteers receive a high quality, positive volunteering experience within a friendly pro-active group promoting the welfare, independence and quality of life for people with visually impairment in County Durham.  Blind Life in Durham are committed to be a voice for blind and partially sighted people whilst creating an awareness of the issues amongst organisations and service providers.

Blind Life in Durham states that it couldn’t operate without it’s committed volunteers who compile their newsletter, provide transport to members to access activities and meetings and ensure that social events run smoothly in a supportive and welcoming atmosphere.

Through the Kite Mark process the organisation also demonstrated that they have the correct policies and processes in place to offer a rewarding and positive experience for volunteers.

Blind Life in Durham’s volunteers shared that they help to contribute to their member’s wellbeing and are encouraged to develop their potential which also improved their quality of life.  It made them feel useful and needed.

Abby Thompson, Volunteer Development Manager said “Blind Life in Durham worked hard to achieve County Durham Volunteer Kite Mark and we were delighted to see the support provided to volunteers.The volunteers spoke highly of this support and also the opportunities that Blind Life in Durham County Durham had provided to enable them to develop in their roles”.

Chairman of Blind Life in Durham Jim Welch said “I feel proud when I hear volunteers say ‘my life has changed since I volunteered for Blind Life in Durham, learning new skills and making new friends’.  Volunteers are the vital part of successful charities and having been awarded the Volunteer Kite Mark has made members of the charity proud to receive such an award.  We would like to thank Durham Community Action for awarding us the Kite Mark.”

For more information on Blind Life in Durham please visit their website

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