3rd Oct 2019

All of us at DCA have been very saddened by the news that our colleague and friend, Karen Lynn-Jones passed away this week.

Karen was one of us, an integral part of our voluntary sector in County Durham. She was a hugely respected and well-loved leader. Karen’s warmth, compassion and determination underlined her competence and professionalism, and it showed in her ability to make and win her cases for the people she championed through the Cornforth Partnership.

As a colleague, she was supportive, honest, engaged, funny, realistic and visionary. Working with Karen was always motivating.

Karen was a wholehearted collaborator within our County Durham Partnerships, and always a fantastic champion and advocate for the Cornforth Partnership...first, last and always, her passion lay in the best interests of all the people involved in Cornforth House, the staff, volunteers and all those who took part. She was also a terrific face for the voluntary sector in the county, winning respect and affection from our partners and colleagues across all sectors.

We have missed her and we’ll continue to miss her. Our thoughts are with Karen’s family, friends and colleagues now.

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