18th Jun 2019

Peter Samsom, a well known member of the Growing Durham team at Durham Community Action, has taken a personal challenge upon himself.

Peter has committed to the Ration Challenge, which means living on the food rations which would be provided for a Syrian refugee for one week. So far, he’s raised over £2,000 in sponsorship, which, as part of a national sponsorship challenge, places him at the third highest level of sponsorship generated across the whole country.

The amount Peter has raised could provide a Syrian refugee family of six, living in a camp in Jordan with food for over two years!

We’ve learned a lot from seeing the level of rations which Peter is subsisting on this week, and what that must mean for people who have to live on them month in and month out.

The people of County Durham have given generously as they always do to help out and, we’re really proud to be part of the County!  There’s still time to sponsor if you’d like to support Peter through the rest of this week:

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