17th Jan 2019

Did you know that the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) have released more detailed advice about using encryption to keep the personal data you hold safe?

One of the focuses of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is that any personal data that you hold is stored safely and securely so that it can only be accessed by those that have permission to do so. This could mean making sure that any paperwork containing personal data is kept locked away but it also means that you must think about how you store data electronically too.

While using passwords on all devices will provide a level of security, encryption of data could provide additional protection especially when using memory sticks and laptops which can easily be misplaced or stolen. Encryption means that only those who have the key to unlock the data will be able to see it.

The ICO have not said that encryption is mandatory but it is recommended in some situations as the best option to keep the data you hold safe. As trustees it is up to you to assess the risk of storing and transferring unencrypted data and deciding if you need to add some extra levels of security.

Additional information can be found on the ICO website here

At Durham Community Action we get many enquiries about Data Protection and GDPR so we are focusing one of our New Year Community Development Workshops on ‘Understanding GDPR for Voluntary and Community Organisations. More details about the workshop and how to book can be found here

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