18th Oct 2018

Did you know it’s recommended that you review your organisation’s governance (constitution) annually?

Reviewing your governance should form part of the regular annual review of your organisation’s policies and procedures.  This review process ensures that they are still relevant and fit for purpose.

We recognise it’s often hard to make the time to review things every year, especially when you’re busy running your organisation and all its activities, but it’s a vital part of running your charity and something the Charity Commission expect groups to do.


All too often our Community Development Officers see constitutions that are out of date and no longer fit for purpose.  Reviewing the governance for your organisation is vital as it forms the legal structure to allow you to support your beneficiaries and operate well. Strong governance protects both the charity and its volunteers.

It can also help trustees keep up to date with the latest best practice, including how to run meetings, recruit new trustees and how to induct them; helping to ensure your organisation is meeting the needs of its beneficiaries.

A situation we see frequently is that groups are operating with a small charity constitution when they have an annual income of over £5000.  If your group has reached this level of income, did you know that it should now be a registered charity and operate with a new constitution? 

Similarly, if you employ staff, have responsibility for a building or have other liabilities, it’s vital that you operate within the correct legal structure and often willing trustees put themselves at personal risk by not having the appropriate governance.

If you have any questions about your charity's governing document or would like to discuss a governance review, please don’t hesitate to contact our Communities Team who can discuss the different options available to you:

Telephone: 01388 742040

Email: info@durhamcommunityaction.org.uk

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