9th May 2018

County Durham Volunteering Celebration 2018 will celebrate the work of volunteers from across County Durham. The event will be held on Wednesday 6th June at Durham Cathedral and will involve an informal celebration of volunteering work, acknowledging individuals and groups. 

There is guidance attached to each of the questions and we want to encourage you to submit details of a volunteer who you consider has made a significant impact through their volunteering to your service, group or organisation. 

If you think that this would lend itself to recognising a group rather than an individual then please do include the details of your group on the form and their voluntary work and we can welcome a representative from this group or a small representational group of 2-4 volunteers. 

We appreciate that it can be difficult choosing an individual or a small group but please do give consideration to volunteers who may have volunteered for a considerable time with you, volunteered on a particular project, been appreciated by your client group or who are generally really good advocates for your organisation.

This helps us to involve a variety of volunteers from different organisations at the event and to compliment your own volunteer celebrations which would involve all of your volunteers.

All volunteers or groups who we receive forms for will be invited to the Volunteer Celebration along with yourself which will take place on Wednesday 6th June 2018 at Durham Cathedral from 12.00 noon – 5.00 pm which will include a tour of the Cathedral, a visit to the Open Treasures exhibition, presentation of a certificate of recognition and some refreshments.  There is an opportunity to then join in with Evensong that evening which has been specially dedicated to volunteers and will finish at 6.00 pm.  Afterwards as invited guests you will be able to take photographs in Durham Cathedral.

During the event we will have an official photographer on hand to take photographs of the event which we will share with you.  We will also have available an event booklet with details of all volunteers who will be taking part from the information that you include on the form so please only include details that you think your volunteers will be comfortable reading.

We appreciate that Durham Cathedral and the centre of Durham City can present accessibility issues and in particular Priors Hall where we are presenting certificates does have 2 steps in the room. We would like you to share any concerns around this that you may have.  We  have included a link below to assist you around general accessibility, parking and transport needs for visitors to Durham Cathedral:

To complete the Volunteer Recognition form please visit

We look forward to receiving your forms.

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