Better Together Policy Forum Opening the Door on the Connector Model

Friday 5th October 2021 hosted by Durham Community Action via Zoom

This is the sixth policy forum, led by the Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS). They are planned to address policy themes which affect our communities and the ways we work as a sector. According to the theme, relevant public sector partners and commissioners will be invited to participate with our colleagues from the VCS.

The theme of this forum was ‘Opening the Door on the Connector Model.'

The Connector Model is a term which has been coined to describe a system which will align VCS providers more closely with commissioning.   The conference provided a forum for the VCS to showcase examples of current work which is supporting more vulnerable people in our communities and which adds value to the range of NHS and Local Authority care and support services.

The aim was to explore connections and ways of working which can help the sector to engage effectively, and to identify what we need to be in place to make relationships between commissioning and operational delivery of community support more responsive and targeted where it is needed most. 


Click on the links below to download the presentations from the event:

Developing the Connector Model

Commissioning Health and Wellbeing

A Sector Perspective - Volunteer Bank/Mutual Aid

A Sector Perspective - Family Action


Policy Forum Report - Opening the Door on the Connector Model 15/10/21