Better Together Policy Forum Alliance Contracting 

Friday 16th October 2020 held online via Microsoft Teams

This is the fourth policy forum, led by the Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS). They are planned to address policy themes which affect our communities and the ways we work as a sector. According to the theme, relevant public sector partners and commissioners will be invited to participate with our colleagues from the VCS.

The theme of this forum was ‘Alliance contracting: a model for County Durham?’

We had an update from commissioners about how plans for Alliance based commissioning are developing around Mental Health and Wellbeing. There was an opportunity for VCS providers to share insights with commissioners and discuss how we might move forward with the development of a VCS Alliance specifically for Mental Health and Wellbeing but also more widely for future commissioning intentions as they arise.

Presentations and Papers

Click on the links below to download the presentation and follow up papers from the event:

Alliance Contracting - Powerpoint presentation

Community Based Mental Health Prevention Outcomes

Mental Health and Wellbeing Alliance Q&A

Current Contracts in Scope

Alliance Commissioning and Coproduction in Mental Health


Report on Alliance Contracting Policy Forum

County Durham Partnership Structure