Altogether Wealthier Category 2014

This category was sponsored by Northumbrian Water in 2014.  In the video clip below, Jane Morland explains why the company was keen to sponsor the awards.

The Category winner was Barbara Ornsby.  The runners up were John Baxter and David Stewart.  Read about their achievements below:

  Barbara Ornsby  WINNER

Barbara lives in Bishop Auckland where she is currently a very active member of the Wear Valley Customer Panel for Dale and Valley Homes. However, this is only the ‘tip of the iceberg’ for Barbara’s volunteering which started forty two years ago. A recurring theme for the work she has done is in the provision of facilities for young people and families. The reason for her nomination in this category is for the tremendous work she has done as a leading representative for housing tenants in her area. Never afraid to ‘tell it as it is’ she has been the voice for many in achieving improvements to housing, services and tenant advice. Barbara was instrumental in working with Dale and Valley Homes to secure additional funding of over £27 million for housing improvements.

  David Stewart RUNNER UP

David lives in Seaham where he has recently been a key person in raising funds for Mission 1101, a large art installation depicting the first minute after the end of the First World War. Bringing the whole community together, David helped significantly with not only the raising of the £85,000 needed but in reaching out to young and old alike and celebrating the involvement of those with stories to tell. Seaham now affectionately calls the statue ‘Tommy’ and local businesses have reported an increase in trade, as visitors call to see this evocative and inspirational artwork. The person who nominated David would also like to recognise and sincerely thank the whole of the group who worked on this project.

  John Baxter  RUNNER UP

Another East Durham resident, John from Peterlee has been at the forefront of the Welfare Champions project.  Working continually and tirelessly as a volunteer, John provides advice and signposting for East Durham residents affected by Welfare Reform. After significant training from Job Centre Plus, Citizen’s Advice Bureau, the Welfare Rights team and Credit Union, John has put his skills into practice in the less ‘usual places’  including bus stops, libraries and the local pub. His approach is described as ‘gentle, supportive and accessible’, allowing him to reach out and help those most vulnerable.