Altogether Healthier Category 2014

This category was sponsored by North Durham Clinical Commissioning Group, and the Durham Dales, Easington and Sedgefield Clinical Commissioning Group in 2014.  In the clip below, Annie Dolphin explains why the Clinical Commissioning Groups were keen to sponsor the award.

The Category winner was Mary Moody.  The runners up were Bryce Denholm and Donna Bruce. Read about their achievements below:

  Mary Moody  WINNER

From Lanchester, Mary has volunteered at Willow Burn Hospice since her retirement in 1989. Working initially four days a week, now three, Mary's volunteering has made a tremendous difference to the lives of people who attend the hospice. Mary co-ordinates all patient transport to the Day Hospice, but can often be seen helping in the kitchen or inpatient unit. Mary has given so generously of her time for twenty five years, always being a great supporter of those less fortunate than herself. Quoting the nomination form " Mary has dedicatedher whole life to the health and wellbeing of others having spent a significant part of her career supporting people with sight impairment, then the day after she retired she started as a volunteer at Willow Burn."

  Bryce Denholm  RUNNER UP

Bryce has also been nominated in the Young Volunteer of the Year category. Bryce is a volunteer who is part of a group called ‘ Lads Together’ for young men from Durham Trinity School who have special educational needs. Bryce volunteers to facilitate collaborative work with Belmont Community School. Through Lads Together, Bryce supports other young men with a disability to take on new activities; snow tubing, high ropes, orienteering to name but a few. Recently he has provided invaluable support to a group on a residential trip to Northumberland, six of whom had never been away from home before. He helped them to get washed and dressed, get food at mealtimes, and gave a compassionate shoulder for those who were homesick. Bryce was also part of a small group who have raised funds to take the Lads Together Group to France to continue project work on World War 1.

  Donna Bruce  RUNNER UP

Donna has also been nominated for the Altogether for Children and Young People category. In this category we celebrate the volunteering work that she has done for older, vulnerable people in her community. She works in the food bank and has distributed blankets to older people, and her Community Café project will provide three hot meals a week to those at risk of isolation or suffering poor health. Donna balances all of this with looking after her three children, one of who has severe special needs.