12th Dec 2017

Please help Easington Colliery Band to protect and improve the Band Room for the whole community by completing this short questionnaire.

Easington Colliery Band are a community band and registered charity based in the former pay office of Easington Colliery. The band is renowned and respected across the country and has a real cultural significance in the heart of its home community.

The Band own the pay office in Easington Colliery, the only remaining building from the colliery in Easington.  The Band are working on a project to refurbish the building for the whole community

The aim is for the renovated building to be a home for the band, a functional practice space and a repository for instruments and music. The Band also want to develop a community café and exhibition/meeting space.  It will also tell the story of the place, the band and the change Easington experienced.   This will enable a wide audience to learn more about the heritage and have an enjoyable experience

All responses will be private and personal information will be kept only for the project and will not be shared with any third parties.  The responses will help the Band develop proposals for the building and be of use in funding applications.

Ian Moran

Community Development/Project Officer (E)

East Durham Area Action Partnership

Transformation and Partnerships

Durham County Council

Spectrum 8

Spectrum Business Park

Seaham, Co Durham


Tel:  03000 267153

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