#LocalCharitiesDay 15 DECEMBER

6th Dec 2017

Local Charities Day takes place on 15 December. Led by the Office of Civil Society, the day will celebrate and shine a spotlight on the work of small local charities and community groups. The day will provide local charities with a platform to promote the fantastic work they are doing and the many, varied benefits they bring to people, communities and good causes across the UK.

Both the build up and activity on the day will revolve around the #LocalCharitiesDay hashtag and we encourage all organisations, partners and supporters to use this across their social media in the run up to and during the day.

The Big Day 15 December

Throughout the day we'll be encouraging small and local charities to get involved on social media by posting photos of their team and sharing cse studies, links, videos and images about their work and the people/causes they support. 

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