County durham compact

The County Durham Compact outlines the principles for a working relationship between the public sector and the Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) sometimes known as Civil Society Organisations (CSOs).

It is designed to enable them to work together more effectively to strengthen communities and improve people’s lives. Whilst there are many differences between the public sector and the VCS in County Durham, which should be acknowledged and respected, the sectors have much in common; principally their mutual desire to help enhance the quality of life for the people and communities that they serve.

The Compact embraces the principles of: respect, honesty, equality and diversity, citizen empowerment and the value of voluntary activity; these underpin our working relationships and the partners’ commitments put these shared principles into practice. They provide the framework to reflect distinctive local issues and partnership undertakings in order to help achieve the following agreed outcomes:

• A strong, diverse and independent voluntary and community sector
• Effective and transparent design and development of policies, programmes and services.
• Responsive and high quality programmes and services.
• Clear arrangements for managing changes to programmes and services.
• An equal and fair society

This document is set out in a way that identifies each outcome followed by the undertakings to which the public sector and the VCS have agreed to meet that outcome. Towards the end of the document is a section that offers advice to both sectors on how to make the Compact work, how to tackle problems or issues that may arise and how to resolve differences.  It also provides the contact details of organisations that may be able to offer advice and guidance on Compact issues.

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The County Durham Compact was published in June 2011.

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