Community Learning 

Durham Community Action regularly run community learning courses as outlined below.

Trustee and Good Governance           

This 5 hour non accredited course will look at good governance and the role of trustees in it including the long term direction of the organisation, its objectives or purposes, implementing policies and activities to achieve objectives, complying with legal requirements and accountability.

"Very informative and friendly course; I am definitely leaving feeling more informed on this subject." 

Managing Finance and the Role of the Treasurer     

This 5 hour non accredited course will explore the legal requirements on the organisation to plan for the future so that it can meet its aims, identify any risk to protect the assets and resources, have a strong internal financial control policy and identify reserves. It will also look at the role of Treasurer as a watchdog over all aspects of financial management.

"Very informative and thorough with scope to ask questions and siscuss individual situations."

Managing Risk – Data Protection, Safeguarding and other Risk Factors     

This 5 hour non accredited course will explore the main risks (e.g. data protection, safeguarding) that a community organisation needs to review and will provide information on how to assess these risks then mitigate the risk factors.

"Really enjoyed the course; the tutors were amicable abd approachable and answered all questions."

Attracting New Business         

This 5 hour non accredited course will look at the basic tools that can be used to find your unique selling point, generate new ideas, get the message across to the public and the marketing resources that can be harnessed to attract news business to community buildings/groups.

" Excellent tutors and very helpful advice."

Introduction to Managing Volunteers  

This 5 hour non accredited course will explore the good practice that exists in managing volunteers including supervision, support, paying expenses, policies, safeguarding, role descriptions, agreements and open recruitment processes.

"It has increased my knowledge and made me more confident if managing volunteers."

Volunteer Passport (Accredited Award)

The Volunteer Passport is run over 5 weeks (18 hours) for people who wish to become volunteers and for those who are already volunteering - no previous experience of volunteering is needed. 

"My confidence has progressed through an engaging and friendly course with information towards volunteering in different ways being provided."

For more information please contact 01388 742040 or email

These courses are fully funded.